Meet Emmy

Emmy Cook is an entrepreneur, mom, and food lover who inspires other moms to be their best selves and be part of a community of like-minded mommies.  She brings answers to moms on topics such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, quick recipes, things she wished she knew earlier on in her own journey as a mom, and programs on how to work from home like she does.

After the birth of her son, she realized that, while she loved business and entrepreneurship, she needed to do it on her own terms, her own timeline, and from any location.  She also realized that she was constantly searching the web for answers on topics of baby, motherhood, and what things to buy.  So, she brought it all home to her laptop to create a life full of passion and purpose and never missing any of her son’s firsts.

She now blogs about helpful topics for her mommy audience and teaches courses on simple online business setup where she inspires other moms not to put down their passions because of motherhood, but to adapt and grow them on platforms that are more conducive to life at home with baby.

She is the founder/creator of emmycook.com.

Emmy currently lives in the Cayman Islands with her husband, son, and their dog.