Make your own natural teething remedy with these dōTERRA essential oils.

If you’ve experienced a teething baby chances are you’ve tried a lot of things to soothe their pain.  One of the things in my arsenal of teething pain relief is this roller bottle of essential oils that help make teething easier for them.

It’s a simple recipe of just 3 of my dōTERRA essential oils.  These oils are certified pure therapeutic grade so I am 100% confident in using them on my baby.  Even if he gets some on his tongue I don’t worry about it because the oils are so pure they can’t hurt him.

For this recipe, I used an old dōTERRA Lavender Touch 10ml roller bottle that I had since Lavender is one of the oils in the blend.  You can also buy a pack of roller bottles on Amazon to make this blend or your own other blends.

For this teething blend you’ll need the following oils:

  • Lavender – among it’s many other uses this oil is great for easing tension and stress with it’s calming effects
  • Copaiba – this oil also contains soothing and calming properties and it also supports the nervous system.
  • Roman Chamomile – another oil with calming properties and benefits for skin
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil – an absorbant and light carrier oil that helps increase oil distribution and it dilutes the oils making it safer for babies.

Add 3 drops of each oil to the 10ml roller bottle and then top up with the fractionated coconut oil.  All of these oils have skin healing properties which is important for the gums.  Don’t put it directly on their gums, just roll it on the area below the lips/on the chin.  The oils will penetrate the skin and enter the tissue to offer their healing effects.

Let me know if you have any questions about this little bottle of magic.  When Charlie is having a bad day with teething I just keep this roller bottle in my pocket and reapply when he gets fussy.

I really hope this helps your little one they way it helps my Charlie.


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